Monday, 4 April 2011

Karen Millen - What to Wear to a Wedding - Win a Karen Millen Dress

karen millen dress 2Out here as I am right now in Dallas, Texas, there seems to be an endless fascination with our forthcoming Royal Wedding. 
It's inevitable that one of the main questions is what will she wear? Who will she wear?  What will she look like? So 'what to wear to a wedding' is one of the main follow-on topics of conversation.  This one, of course, is the wedding of the decade, if not the century, and everything from hat to shoes to dress is going to come under the closest scrutiny.
So imagine that invitation has dropped onto your mat and you now have the huge dilemma of what to wear. Thinking about the weddings I've been to in the past it has always amazed me how many women (after all, the mwedding pumpsen have a uniform, don't they?) get it wrong.  Why someone who dresses ok(ish) most of the time, manages to go out and probably spend a fortune on something that's frequently classic and frumpy, that they will dislike themselves in once they catch the wedding pics, and that they'll never wear again.
The main rule for dressing for a wedding is don't try and upstage the bride.  In the case of April 29th that's extremely unlikely.  Secondly you need to continue to dress for your own style, whether that's curvy, glamorous, fitted, girly, romantic or whatever.  If you're a fashion forward dresser then stick with it but don't go too far.  Don't equate 'wedding' with 'classic'.  And if you like to dress sexy play it down.  Make sure that whatever you buy stops in the right place, not much above the knee and not mid calf unless that really is gold clutchyour style.
We have a 'what to wear to a wedding' (should be what to wear to 'the' wedding) competition launching at where you can win a dress from Karen Millen.  Your choice of all the dresses online.  And then go on to put the perfect accessories together.  And we'll be getting you to choose.  As I am, as I said, across the pond and six hours behind you but you’ll be hearing from me very soon.  Keep a look out.  You'll find the links on Facebook, at and in our Competitions section.