Thursday, 31 March 2011

Who do you dress for? What men hate about your wardrobe……..or do they? From Jumpsuits and Harem Pants to Dungarees and Cloggs.

Just before I left for sunny Texas where I am now, sitting on the 39th floor in my temporary ‘office’ kindly lent by a friend as I have meetings here (and more about that anon), this article appeared in the Daily Telegraph – ‘Ten things men hate about your wardrobe’.  Included in the list are jumpsuits, harem pants, dungarees and cloggs.  Are we really susprised?

It’s an interesting piece, showing items of clothing worn by icons of screen and song, and including also leopard print, ankle socks with heels and a dress and heels and….er….granny chic.  The problem is that most of the wearers can get away with just about anything, frequently dress to be noticed and don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.  They can be as quirky, whacky and kooky as they want and it really doesn’t matter.  The real problem is if you and I go out in most of the garments here we’re likely to look, frankly, ridiculous.  Incidentally, and just for the record I do love a bit of leopard print, a great dress, pair of shoes, bag, scarf of belt, so I’m not sure why that one’s included as I’m not convinced that it would get the same reaction as everything else.  Or is that me? 

So coming back to my question (which I know I’ve asked before but I thought that this merited a repeat)……who do you dress for?  Yourself or your man?  Personally I’m a huge believer in dressing for yourself, your style and your shape first.  I steer clear of anything that shrieks ‘fashion victim’ as although I want to look modern, it has to be in my own particular way.  I don’t believe that you should dress for the men in your life, that smacks of damping down your own personality to suit someone else which you should never do.  But it is great to receive compliments on what you wear and how you look, just as an add-on, don’t you know? 

So you can keep the granny chic, socks with kitten heels, suspenders showing, oversized shoulder pads and dungarees for starters.  Jumpsuits, cloggs and harem pants are definitely not for me, although I’m sure they suits someone and boyfriend jeans I think are extremely unflattering. But you will catch me in my All Saints leopard print dress, many times.  As I said, I love a bit of leopard…..

This is for the girls.  Let me know if you love or hate………. we already know what the men think.

jumpsuit leopard print dress 2harem pants

dungarees boyfriend jeanscloggs

I’ll be in Dallas for several days and definitely will be checking out the stores for something exciting and new.  The amount of temptation here is totally ridiculous………….

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