Monday, 14 March 2011

Shop the USA–Bebe–Sassy, sexy and glamorous


Bebe is one of those US stores you see in every decent sized shopping mall, but that hasn’t yet made it over here.  The Bebe style is sassy, sexy and glamorous, quite young and sometimes body-con to the extreme.  Don’t let that put you off, however, there’s a wide range here including dresses, coats and leather jackets, bags, shoes and accessories and some of the prices are excellent.  So it’s well worth having a good look round. 

On trend is definitely what Bebe is about, and some of their more contemporary product sell out very fast.  What’s particularly good here is that you can read all the customer reviews on the page for each product, and see if they’re about to run out.  The bag on this page, incidentally, is one of those ‘only a few more’ pieces, so if you like it you better rush.

bebe dress  bebe dress 2bebe dress 3 bebe dress 4

 bebe jacketbebe bag 2 bebe shoes 

Bebe is just about to be added to the Shop the USA category at, where in a very short while you’ll be able to see the best of the US fashion websites so that you can order online, either through the site itself, or through our partner website at  And we’ll show you how to buy through them.  Be patient but keep checking back as there are new sites going up every day………….