Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Dior vs Mulberry–What your Designer Bag Says About You

Please don’t tell me this is just about the price of your arm candy because quite frankly it isn’t. As the designer bag, from Dior to Mulberry, Miu Miu, Chloe and Lanvin become more and more expensive, the price becomes somewhat irrelevant don’t you think? You can either afford one of these or you can’t. The question here is about style and what your bag says about you.

You can buy your jeans at River Island, Karen Millen or Marks and Spencer. You can wear a modern, on-trend top by French Connection, Top Shop or All Saints. You shoes do not have to be by Louboutin or Choo to cut a chic impression. We’re all (or most of us, anyway) mixing our designer pieces with fast fashion as it makes total sense to do so and to dress designer from head to toe can look very contrived. In any case, it’s unnecessary.

What does make a statement about who you are is your handbag, often the accessory that is noticed first. As a bag watcher par excellence I know these things.

Mulberry alexa mulberry bayswatermulberry tillie

Mulberry is a classic brand turned modern with huge success, inventing season after season the new must-have tote, shoulder bag or satchel with names such as Alexa, Tillie and Bayswater, all of which become instant classics, seen everywhere on celebrities and infinitely wearable by just about everyone. Investment pieces certainly, you won’t be able to carry one of these beauties away for less than (around) £700 and some are over £1000. Whatever you choose says you know great quality, you know wdiorhat’s in style, you want something that will last for a long time (unless you’re a collector, of course) and you know that your bag will be instantly recognised and admired. And of course they are great bags for carrying everything in, for going out to lunch with, for going to work with.

The Dior is a different story and a different person. These are more classic than the modern bags of Mulberry, Balenciaga et al. They don’t need to change each season to be in style (although Dior does bring out new colourways and the occasional new style) because they are quite simply timeless instantly recognisable elegant bags that last forever. Vintage Mulberry? Maybe. Vintage Dior? Oh yes please. Every girl should have one, don’t you think?

Incidentally apologies for not being able to link you straight to this Dior bag – Dior has a flash website where you can order online, but you’ll have to pay a visit to the handbag section yourself.

Off this morning for a meeting with Aveda, lunch at Daphne’s and then a meeting with a search marketing agency. Once I’ve retrieved my retrievers from wherever they have gone off to, that is.