Tuesday, 8 March 2011

6 Perfect Scented Gifts for Mothers Day–Diptyque, Miller Harris, Philosophy and L’Occitane plus more.


I always think that Mother’s Day is a slightly difficult one, coming on the heels of Valentine’s Day and just before Easter, at this time of year we seem to go from one gift giving occasion to another and it’s easy to become complacent and think ‘oh just another gift’.

But of course this isn’t just another gift, and what’s most important about Mother’s Day (and being the mother of three I know these things)  is the thought, it’s not about the ‘gift’, and whether you splash out on something pretty and lovely, go for lunch taking hand-made truffles or just make that phone call, this is a day when truly, the thought counts most.

candle john galliano  amara mothers day gift miller harris 2

L_Occitane_Cherry_Blossom_Bath___Shower_Gel_250ml creme brulee honey bath philosophy love shower gel

To be disappointed if you don’t get something hand-made, or to worry if you don’t have the time to make something is pretty fruitless.  In my opinion you’re that way inclined, and you have the time, or you’re not, and you don’t.  It really doesn’t matter.  Take something small and pretty, show that you’ve put some thought in about it and, above all, make the call.  To me that’s always what matters most – particularly to me as my kids are always miles away at that time of year ooop North in Edinburgh.  Again…………..kids?  Are you listening?