Thursday, 24 February 2011

Which LK Bennett are you? –Ladylike or Follower of Fashion

LK Bennett – I’ve always thought of LK Bennett as very ladylike – you know, with that sort of feminine and slightly ‘Sloaney’ appeal that a certain woman of a certain age loves to go for. Having had three kids at school and having had to go to numerous summer end of term lunches and prize givings on more than one occasion I’ve seen the LK Bennett dress, clutch or shoes du jour on more than one woman at the same event (several times). Looking slightly miffed. As you would.

What started off as a ladylike shoe emporium has come of age now but you do have to decide which LK Bennett you are. Are you the original shopper who really still wants a classique style? Or do you like high quality, good value, modern but not fashion-victim clothes and accessories that will last for more than a season but are still moving towards on trend?

lk bennett red bag LK Bennett python sandal Nude suede coatLK bennet lace dress

You can come back at me and say that my classic collection (below) is on trend, with it’s navy and white striped cardigan, bow neck blouse (hate that word), floral print dress and lower heels (I’m not sure that one works) but essentially the pieces in the top row are ‘wear anywhere I know what’s going on’ modern and those below belong to someone different. I’d happily wear that lace embellished dress to my next smart dinner, step out in the python heels, sling the red bag over my arm and slip on the gorgeous nude suede coat but would not be able to wear any of these below. So I ask again. Which LK Bennett are you? Do you Know?

LK Bennett striped cardiganlk bennett top_edited-1 LK Bennett blue dressLK Bennett Classic Shoes

LK Bennett is now Site of the Week at to give you time to browse and decide………….let me know.

The daughter is on her way down from Edinburgh next week for a few days so I am instructed to book hair appointments, salon appointments, dentists and other joys. It appears I am suddenly relegated to the role of secretary. Any mother of a 20 year old daughter will know exactly how that feels. Getting ready to hide under my desk……………….again.