Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Website Review - All Saints–Young, Urban, Edgy and Irresistible.

I have always wanted to be an All Saints wearer. There’s something irresistible about the very edginess of the collection, setting it totally apart from so much that’s out there on the high street. The fact that it’s aimed at a younger, more urban audience than really applies to me is irrelevant. Some pieces definitely call out to me. Loudly. I’m sitting here writing this with four dogs in my kitchen (yes four today), in jeans, fleece and sheepskin boots so that may make you think ‘this writer is totally daft’ maybe. But in my opinion the day you give up thinking ‘I’d look really good in that’ is the day you give up.

There is another issue here – that of dressing your age – and more about that later, but in a nutshell I don’t think that you should apart from certain rules concerning mini skirts, leather jeans (unless you’re very skinny) and trying to dress like your daughter. I firmly believe that age is in the mind, that you can look as good as you choose to look at any age, and that giving up as for sissies. As I said, more about that later.

So I’ve been on an imaginary (yes imaginary, promise) shopping spree at All Saints and this is what I came home with. I just can’t wait to wear it all.

all saints sheepskin coatAll Saints Dress All saints leather strap dress all saints leopard dress

all saints vest All saints scarf All saints topall saints gold dress

The risk of trying any or all of these would be that I suspect at least four would attempt to make their way into my closet. They may do anyway……………………………………….

I currently have two dogs and two puppies in my kitchen, one, my visitor, who manages to destroy anything within reach, including books, maps, glasses, dog brushes and bags of bird seed, all of which she and her sister distribute as far and wide over the floor as they are able in the time before they’re caught in the act. Which of course they always are, and they’re about as hopeless at clearing up as my kids are.