Thursday, 3 February 2011

Valentines Day–Pretty Gifts and Perfect Flowers–Valentines Cards

I suspect that a great deal of thinking about Valentines Day happens at the last minute, which is all very well if you’re happy to buy the last slightly wilted bunch of flowers at your local supermarket (or petrol station, perish the thought). And don’t expect to get a table at your favourite restaurant, either – the last one will have been booked weeks ago.

If you really want to do Valentines Day properly you’ve probably already booked the table, ordered the flowers and bought the gift however there is a middle route, where with the ten days you have left you can still do something spectacular and make it look as if you’ve been thinking about this for a long, long time, thus scoring Brownie points without going to too much effort.

The restaurant I can’t help you with I’m afraid, although you might like to buy this book of Romantic Recipes – Table for Two; French Recipes for Romantic Dining – and cook dinner yourself.

As far as Valentines Day gifts, flowers and cards are concerned it’s not too late provided you get a move on and you can order your Valentines Cards from Clinton Cards, Moonpig or Hallmark. Here are some of my favourite Valentines Day gift ideas, click through and you’ll find loads more.

heart keyring crocus roses scented candle

heart purse2heart chocolates cufflinks

love notes 3diptyque

Take a look at the Valentines Day boutique at for more ideas, and don’t forget to sign up for our Valentines Day Competition, where you can win a £150 Gift Voucher for Myla Luxury Lingerie.