Saturday, 26 February 2011

Patisserie Valerie–Celebration Cakes and Birthday Cakes and the Perfect Chocolate Mousse

untitledIf you’re one of those people whose always in a rush, likes to entertain and doesn’t mind serving a bought pud that not only looks wonderful but tastes so as well then Patisserie Valerie is the place to take a look at. Their fruit tart, white and dark chocolate mousse, decorated cheesecake and assorted gateaux are some of the best you can buy. After all, if you’ve slaved at work and then slaved over a hot stove for your first and main courses whystrawberry tart shouldn’t you relax from then on?

These are definitely not inexpensive options, however for any ‘grown-up’ dinner or celebration they’re just about perfect, and as one who has given up making a pud when serving a birthday or any other kind of celebration cake (as no one ever piles their plate with both) and one who has tasted what Patisserie Valerie can produce - not everything, I promise, and not very recently - this is an excellent time saving solution.

chocolate birthday cakeTheir cakes include white and dark chocolate mousse, a luscious strawberry tart, a Black Forest gateau and a fresh fruit cheesecake, amongst many more. Be warned, the pictures are really beautiful and inspire instant hunger. Then in their Celebration Cakes there’s the chocolate mousseDouble Chocolate Delight Celebration Cake which goes up to a whopping 16” plus several more.

Be warned you can order your cake online (giving 24 hours notice) and then have to go and pick it up in one of their stores, of which there are many.

If you decide to go the home grown route and make your own you might like to try one of my all time favourites Delia Smith’s chocolate mousse. It won’t look anything like the above, but I’ve never known this chocolate mousse recipe fail……….I always cover it in a layer of whipped cream with grated chocolate on top. It’s very quick and easy to make and I certainly have never had any left over.

I’m now feeling extremely hungry, particularly as the daughter has just asked me to send over (scan and email) Delia’s lasagne recipe, which of course is online. Lasagne to start and chocolate mousse to follow? O dear!

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