Sunday, 6 February 2011

Life’s Little Luxuries on Sale–Me & Em–Loungewear, Nightwear and Dresses in Cashmere and Jersey

Me & Em has always been one of my favourites for loungewear and nightwear, plus relaxed dresses perfect for travelling in if that’s what you like, and all in the softest fabrics such as cashmere and jersey.

This is a seriously good time to have a browse round as the sale is still going on, most items are half price (and some are less) and there’s quite a good range of sizes available, unlike many places where if you’re not a size 8 or a 16 you’ve lost your chance.

My favourites to buy right now are the chocolate jersey 7 Way Wrap jacket, the gypsy dress, the cashmere scarf cardigan – which I’ve shown in grey but would probably, inevitably want in black, a pairs of the roll top palazzo trousers for lounging around in after the gym and one of their pretty, easy to wear night dresses

Me and Em 7 Way Jersey Wrap gypsey dress swing panel dress cashmere scarf cardigan

easy dress palazzo trousers sleepset nightdress

Inevitably everything is no longer available in every size and every colour but there’s still a surprising amount of choice, and some items are 60% off. These are all pieces that will last for ever so rather than go out and buy that floral dress which (in my opinion) you won’t be wearing for months, invest in something here. You won’t regret it.

Today is really a tale of two plumbers. One who said I needed a new hot water cylinder at huge (huge) cost because of the constant pool of water I have had to paddle through in my utility room and the other who came out yesterday and this morning (Sunday) to replace the valve that had gone for less than a fraction of the cost. One I will never allow in my house again. The other I will call on, recommend to all my friends and cannot think highly enough. Honesty pays every time. And no please don’t ask me for his number. This one I’m keeping to myself. Sorry…….