Friday, 18 February 2011

A Hidden Gem in Paris–La Luna Fish Restaurant

la luna 1If you don’t have a local to tell you the best places to eat and you’re not into the 3 Michelin Rosette restaurants it can be very hit or miss finding somewhere exceptional to eat.  La Luna is an exceptional restaurant in Paris and well worth a visit.

Having had a mediocre meal my first evening here at a brasserie recommended by my hotel where I should have been warned immediately, as it was full of Brits and Americans rather than the French, I was lucky enough to be recommended La Luna in the Rue du Rocher.  It’s not inexpensive, but compared to what you can pay for dinner here in some of the top restaurants it’s worth every pennyla luna 2 and the food is superb.

La Luna is all about beautifully prepared and cooked fresh fish and shellfish.  Nothing is overcooked and the flavours are those of a far superior restaurant.  Be prepared for a real treat and make the extra (very short) journey up near the Gare St Lazare for a meal you’ll remember for a very long time.

What did I eat?  Coquilles St Jacques on a bed of julienne vegetables with ginger butter, and Morue (cod to you and me) witla luna 3h tapenade and incredible mashed potato made with olive oil rather than stuffed with butter.  I can still remember the taste.  Yum. 

You’ll find La Luna at 69 Rue du Rocher 75008 Paris, France 01 42 93 77 61.  Make sure you book a table first.

This evening I have been invited to dinner at a totally incredible restaurant I have been to before.  What to wear?  Oh dear.  I’ll come back to you about that tomorrow.  And yes, I am going to the gym every day and I didn’t eat the dessert you can see on the left, but the temptation level was seriously high as you can imagine…………………………………………………..