Tuesday, 22 February 2011

French Connection Spring 2011– 6 ’Must-Have’s’ to Buy Now from a sequin cardigan to a peplum dress

French Connection is a brand where I always have a dilemma. It’s really younger than me (!) more expensive than I would expect for a ‘high street’ brand but there’s always something in every collection that I covet.

This season is no exception and may turn out to be more difficult to resist than usual. There are several pieces that would fit into just about anyone’s wardrobe and give a nod, without going too far, to current fashion trends such as sequins, peplums, stripes and lace and of course not forgetting to mention this season’s return……………the body. At French Connection this will set you back £27 whereas an almost identical designer version can be more than double.

French Connection Striped Top French Connection BodyFrench Connection Lace Top

French Connection Pleat Dress French Connection sequin cardigan French Connection Lace Dress

The peplum dress has, unsurprisingly, sold out in most sizes (although there is a black version), so if you find something you really like I’d advise you go for it straight away.

Just back from Paris and a visit to my 3rd restaurant – Le Dome………but more about that tomorrow.