Friday, 11 February 2011

Fabulous in February–Twelve Pieces for a Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

Apologies, I hate the expression ‘capsule wardrobe’ but it just seemed to fit here. I think that February is one of the hardest months to get right. The shops are filled with ‘must-have's’ for Spring/Summer. We’re all (well most of us are anyway) still poor after the Christmas splurge and the weather varies between torrential rain, damp and dull, extreme cold and, quite possibly, going by the past few months – snow.

All of this makes dressing for February very difficult. I certainly don’t want to carry on wearing four layers of thermals and sheepskin boots (although I have to confess that’s exactly what I am wearing whilst writing this)…….. I have four dogs to walk after all…….and feel ready for the sun to come out, for it to be just that little bit warmer and to have spring on the brain. This is all very unfortunate of course as there’s at least another six, maybe more, weeks of totally unpredictable possibly unbearable weather to come.

So although it’s far to early to get out the florals (in my opinion and despite what the press say) there are some pieces with which you can lift your look right now, some of which you’ll undoubtedly own already (or something similar) and others which just might tempt you. Notwithstanding the fact that we’re all apparently going to be wearing shocking pink, vibrant tangerine and deep blue this summer I don’t think that the current climate is quite right for that, so here’s a collection of neutral pieces which will take you from day to evening with a small amount of effort and maybe a change of just one piece or accessory.

cotton blend shirt cashmere waterfall cardigan maxmara jeans karen millen bag

all saints sequin top theory jacketsnake print skirtLK Bennett Top 2

platform courtjaeger dress all saints scarf pink D&G clutch

Incidentally the black dress is a must-have for anyone’s closet (and I own the cap sleeved version) it’s extremely flattering, crease free, travels perfectly and you can wash it as well.

I would be adding the clutch, sequin top and python print skirt into my wardrobe were I going on a shopping trip right now but I’m trying to be restrained. This may not last, of course but at least the effort and intention is there……………