Monday, 28 February 2011

The Cardi in your Closet–How Many Do You Have? (and the 8 best places to find your next one)

The cardi, or cardigan, is I’m sure one of your most worn pieces of clothing, whether cashmere, cotton, silk or a mixture and slung over your favourite little black dress or worn with jeans over a brilliant white shirt. Whenever I travel I have three that always go with me, black I’m afraid; my short black cashmere cardigan, sequinned cardigan for evenings and long cashmere waterfall cardigan which I can wear as a jacket. I wouldn’t go anywhere without them.

Hopefully you’re a bit more colourful than I am which let’s face it wouldn’t be difficult (although I do admit to having sand, pale blush and peach versions in my wardrobe) and I’m sure I saw a red one once although it seems to have disappeared. Oh and I have an indispensible leopard print version as well.

So bearing in mind you’re bound to be buying your next one this season, and whether or not you’re as colour minimalist as I am, here are my 8 favourites from the new collections, and each one will lead you to a different store where inevitably you can find something in black as well……….

cardigan pure collection cardigan jigsawa 2 cardigan boden 2brora cardigan

crumpet cardigan leopard cardigan sonia rykjiel zip through cardigancardigan kew

Shoe Repairs. Recently I had several puppies. I still have one, and as you may have gathered two occasionally, my little escapee. Unfortunately on one occasion they got out and managed to have a good chomp on the heels of two of my favourite pairs of shoes, one black, one python print. So inevitably I did my research and found the following; You send your shoes off to them and hey presto they come back pretty well as good as new. The black pair is back. The python pair has just gone off. I hope you won’t need them but if you do………………………………………………