Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Website Reviews–Cloggs and Zappos–FitFlop, Ugg Australia, Timberland and so much more

Cloggs is a UK based online retailer offering brands such as FitFlop, UGG Australia, Timberland, Converse, Ash Shoes, Vans and more, all related to footwear as the name suggests, and including everything from shearling lined winter boots to Hunter wellies, cowboy boots, trainers, knee high boots and too much more to write about here.
US based Zappos started with footwear and probably has the best range online anywhere but has branched out into womenswear, menswear and homewares, basically having grown like topsy. And before you start getting irritated with me for writing about a website that ships only to the US and Canada you can buy from them easily, but more about that later.
cloggs fitflop boots Cloggs Ugg Australia Cloggs Hunter Wellies
Cloggs is a very good, clear website and I for one have purchased three pairs of Fitflop boots and sandals from them. I have never been disappointed with the service, you can see immediately what sizes are available, they have a seriously good range for men, women and kids and will ship to many international countries including Australia and the US. My only real annoyance is that I can’t call them, or chat to anyone online. I always have a big issue with this.
Cloggs Loblan Cowboy BootsCloggs studded shoe bootsCloggs Ash Shoes
Zappos is always held up as one of the very best e-commerce sites. Period. Whenever an example is sought you can be sure that Zappos will be right up there because their whole proposition is based around one thing. Customer Service. Yes the website has an enormous range but is exceptionally easy to shop from, there are lots of views of every product, plus zoom, and you can see every colourway. There is a 365 day returns policy and free shipping both ways. Best of all you can call at any time of day or night and live chat is available as well.
Now Zappos is a huge business and can afford all the bells and whistles but it is the emphasis that I am writing about here – that of putting the customer first. This has to be the main rule for success. You only have to look at Zappos to know that it has paid off for them.
If you want to buy from Zappos you can do so through, who enable you to shop the USA without a US shipping or billing address. As I know them personally I can highly recommend them.
At there’s a new section going up for Pet Products, so if you’re a dog, cat, gerbil or rabbit owner you’ll be able to order everything online. It should be up by the end of this week but you can click straight through now.
The 14’ tree is still up and I am hiding at my desk hopefully expectant of tall kids who will come and take it down for me. Why do I suspect they will all sneak off back to Edinburgh and leave me with lights, baubles and tree to take down myself? Something about the past few years perhaps………………………………