Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year’s Resolutions: Real or Regrettable? Be Careful What you Wish For…………..


Something seemed to happen to last week, I’m not sure whether it was to do with kids, dogs, extra family (!) or what but all my good intentions to write, call and plan turned to nothing – it’s already Tuesday and I have a nasty feeling that this week is going to be gone before it starts.

Reading about ‘New Year New You’ always makes me mad.  Who has the time in January to spend all those hours in the spa? Let alone all those £££££?  I always think of after Christmas as catch-up time – a race to get everything done that wasn’t done in the last couple of weeks. 

As for New Year’s Resolutions……………..hmmmm.  They always seem to be the same;  To lose weight/Get fit/Be Tidier/Have more ‘me’ time etc.  As we all know, nearly all get binned within a very few days and forgotten, so why do we keep on doing it?  I have established just a couple of rules for this year – to write more, and to travel more, and if I can combine them both I’ll be as happy as Larry, whoever he was.

On the shopping front the sales are now a mess and it’s far more fun to look at what’s arriving in the stores.  The question is what would you buy?  Something for the next two to three months of cold to cool weather or something for Spring, which seems just such a long way off?  I think this is the time for an investment buy, a beautiful piece of cashmere to treasure, a pair of boots you’ll wear now and next autumn, a designer dress.  I am going to try and be good for the time being, however if I wasn’t, these are definitely what I would be splurging on. 

new year miu miu suede platform pumps  matches dvf dress max mara handbag Leopard Print Scarf

karen millen dress Isadora Earrings Joseph Black Cashmere Coat Jil Sander Dress

The Jil Sander dress (lower right) has my over all vote of course.  Pity I’m not buying right now …………………

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