Monday 17 January 2011

Posole, Blue Jeans and Cowboy Boots. Recipes for Success in New Mexico.


Out in the wilds of New Mexico I asked someone yesterday how far it was to the nearest skiing.  17 miles he answered, which is not altogether surprising as here I am surrounded by mountains and the crystal clear blue sky and crisp temperatures cry out that snow must be somewhere near.  Just not right here, thank goodness, as I’m here to work and chill, not ski.  This is an incredible place to both work, have fun and relax.  Posole, blue jeans and cowboy boots are just some of the items you’ll eat and wear, at least if you want to blend with the locals.

Posole3Posole, which you may well not have heard of, is a traditional local dish and perfect for lunch, eaten with a hot tortilla.  It can be as spicy as you want to make it.  Personally I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to chillies of any kind, though I have seen people add copious quantities of hot sauce to it which make my eyes water just thinking about it.  I have never made Posole but here’s a recipe which has very good reviews so you may just like to try it, particularly if it snows again. 

If you get out to New Mexico and are anywhere near Santa Fe go to the Tesuque Village Market and try their Posole, it’s truly excellent.  Formal dining it certainly isn’t but you may be surprised by who’s sitting at the next table over from you.  From film stars to locals everyone eats here.

Blue jeans of course are a requisite for New Mexico and something I didn’t bring because it is so cold (and anyway mine are blue/black).  Did I feel out of place in my skinny cords?  No because anything goes here, but if you really want to blend in pack your favourite pair or jeans along with a rodeo style belt and you’ll be perfectly styled.  There’s a wide selection of places to shop for jeans in Jean Shop at

Cowboy Boots   netaporter cowboy boot Loblan Marron Cowboy Boot

Finally of course if you come out here you should invest in a pair of cowboy boots.  You can find them in the UK both at designer boutiques such as Net-a-Porter (designer versions at designer prices) or Cloggs, who stock Loblan cowboy boots plus several other online stores – here are some of my favourites.  Best of all browse in Santa Fe where you’ll find a huge choice although having said that if you want to be able to walk in them comfortably you’ll probably want to wear them in before you come.

John Lewis Cowboy Boot  Ralph Lauren Cowboy Boot Loblan tan cowboy boot

The answer to that one of course is to come here more than once.  Sniff the fresh air, try the incredible food and chill out.  New Mexico is addictive and a perfect place to get away from the crowds.  Hmmmm……April 29th?  I just might…….. 

See you here then.