Friday, 3 December 2010

Funkymoose–Fantastical Gifts for Kids of All Ages


This is quite an unusual gift website and maybe not the easiest to find unless you know about it, but an excellent place to browse right now as there really is a great selection of gift ideas for kids.  So bookmark it now or better still, do your children’s gift shopping quickly in one easy place.

What’s different at Funkymoose is that most of the gifts you can choose will keep kids busy for hours, whether it’s a magnetic jigsaw puzzle (you could probably go for a couple of days with that one) building blocks or a ball run, just at a time when the last thing you need are the noisy bouncing kind of toy that will drown out the Christmas Carols and leave the children bored and cross (because you’ve leapt up in frustration and removed it) very fast.

This is a handpicked selection of constructive toys, games and playhouses as well as fancy dress, ride-on toys and wheelie bugs at a wide range of prices.  Combine that with a gift wrapping service and children’s party paraphernalia and you could do all your kids’ (and your friends’) Christmas shopping in one place.

wigwam tent  Building Blocks Magnetic Puzzle

Wooden Moose Trike   ball track construction    Dolls Pram

Who, after all, wants to trek out in the cold and snow this year, let alone struggle home with heavy bags?  Not me, for certain.  Please order as early as you can to avoid snow bound delays though……………………………………..