Sunday, 14 November 2010

Website Review–So Gifted–Not Just for Christmas

I’ve always had this thing about ‘Gift’ websites, as I’m a huge believer in that gifts should not just be a last minute ‘something to give’, but should perfectly fit the person they’re being given to. On the whole your average gift website doesn’t do that, but offers a selection of ‘items’ which you can look at and then tick of your list, ordering as you go.

I think that is an exception, in that it does cater for everyone in a clever, imaginative way – the products on offer are hand-picked and not your run-of-the-mill ‘here’s a cheap gift solution’ type, the site is a joy to browse, the pictures, detailed views and concise descriptions extremely clear and you can see immediately how many of anything is in stock. Oh and there are customer ratings as well.

The range includes a pretty Union Jack cosmetics purse, unusual cheese knives, shot cups, Compact Herb Garden gift voucher, Burgon and Ball Grow Your Own Planters and Cath Kidston mini journals. Then for Children there’s the Science Museum Zoob Scorpion, Bugs in the Tub Squirters (!) and pretty pink Union Jack Weekender/Holdall – perfect for sleepovers.

CuLinary Concepts products So gifted cosmetics purse so gifted patio container gift voucher

Cath Kidston wine thermometer   Julie Slater

There’s everything from larger gifts to stocking fillers and they offer a next day delivery service in the UK. One to bookmark for Christmas and currently offering Free Delivery until the end of November.