Saturday, 27 November 2010

Warm Hands Warm Heart?–Where to find the best Sheepskin Gloves

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I am a glove loser par excellence and as the cold weather starts I’m to be found frantically delving into every coat pocket in the hope that my long lost pair of black sheepskin gloves will turn up. Which they don’t, because I suspect I left them behind somewhere last year, as you do.
So this year I decided to search for the perfect pair, gloves that would not only keep my hands warm but also wouldn’t break the bank, as I really do hate shelling out for something that I know for a fact will need to be replaced quite quickly. So although I would love to buy a pair of Ugg turn cuff beauties (and yes they are on my Christmas list) I’ll resist because though seriously gorgeous they’re also seriously expensive and would undoubtedly be pinched by my daughter at the first opportunity.
Ugg-womens-Turn-Cuff-Glove-Chestnut-Gloves-1 dents sheepskin gloves Celtic gloves lambland gloves
So where do you go from there? Well Dents offer a lovely pair in tan or mahogany, which again are quite expensive but having had a pair of these I can tell you they are really good quality, and Celtic sheepskin do as well and for any of these I can tell you if you want to order in time for Christmas you need to get your skates on as they are all either selling out or on re-order.
A website I have recently discovered, and ordered from, is I was surprised at the prices and I have to say that, having received my gloves, this company will not only be keeping my hands and possibly my feet warm this winter, they will also be fulfilling most of my Christmas list. The gloves are beautifully made, look gorgeous, are very well priced and are nicer than the pictures. There are sheepskin boots and slippers there as well, and also trapper style sheepskin hats. Not so sure about the latter, but the gloves are definitely mine…………