Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Two Minute Morning Eye Make-Up that Lasts All Day

I’m always in a hurry in the morning, not the least because I have three dogs to walk before I can do anything, but because I’m usually then dashing off to London, have calls to make, blogs to write (yes notice the ‘s’) people to see and loads of other things to do such as website reviews and helping people improve their Twitter bios.

So I’m always looking for speedy solutions to looking groomed and have recently discovered two products; Chanel’s Waterproof Eyeliner, and Clinique’s Instant Lift for Brows. They are both incredibly easy to use, create all the effect you could want and do seriously last all day. A sweep of Chantecaille’s subtle Lasting Eye Shade in Opal; a flick of Lancome’s Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara and you are truly done for the day.

Clinique Instant Lift chanel eyeliner

Instant Lift comes in three colours to suit you with a highlighter at one end and makes it incredibly easy to shape your brows. Chanel’s Waterproof Eyeliner is available in many more shades including Espresso and Marine (my favourites) but also a dark green, electric violet and rich cassis. All perfect colours for all that partying to come …………………………………………………