Friday, 5 November 2010

Toy Watch–The Ultimate Play Watch? Fun, Functional and Sexy

As I speeded my way through Selfridges yesterday I spotted, not for the first time, the Toy Watch elegant in-store store and thought about the Toy Watch phenomenon. What makes these watches so great that they’re everywhere?

I have to confess that when I bought mine, about three years ago in the US, it was because, apart from being oversized and fun, it looked something like a certain Chanel watch that I aspired to but could never quite justify……..I’m sure you know the one I mean. And by the way mine is still ticking away happily after all this time, although it doesn’t spend a great deal of time on my wrist.

Now they have morphed into something completely different, still oversized, functional and fun but now the range is far larger, costume jewellery in its own right and with a sexy marketing campaign that sees off all the pale imitations and makes you want to own several. And you may well be able to – the prices are just high enough to make you take them seriously but low enough to be affordable.

toy watch bluetoy watch whitetoy watch black 1

In the days when a handbag was just something you used to carry all your stuff around in (for most of us, although it still is for some (!)) and a watch was just something you wore to tell the time (I know, I know that was a long time ago) you might never think that you would want a collection of either. Now a handbag is a major statement, designer or otherwise and a watch is a piece of jewellery, to be changed with your mood or the occasion. And it’s wonderful fashion fun to collect both, whatever your price level.

Toy Watch has to be the watch of choice this season if you’re not going to be skating into Cartier, Rolex or Chanel. iPad or Toy Watch? You choose……………………………..

toy watch basic blacktoy watch purpletoy watch black sparkle

I intended to write about Lulu Guinness today having had a sneak peak at the Spring Collection last week but the Toy Watch stand just caught my eye and I couldn’t resist. So Lulu tomorrow or Monday. There are several luscious handbags I’d like on my arm next spring. Very un-Lulu. Very now. Very me, which may or may not tell you a great deal.