Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Plants for Presents–Flowering, Fruit and Herb Plants for Perfect Presents

This is a very clever idea, particularly for the horticulturally minded or just the house proud as flowering, fruit or herb plants, beautifully presented do make great gift ideas at reasonable prices.

Plants for Presents offer exactly what the name suggests, and there’s a wide range to choose from, including lemon and calamondin trees (that’s a variety of orange to you or me), chilli plants, rosemary bushes trained and decorated as miniature Christmas trees, hyacinths in a festive planter and giant camellias, to name but a few.

plants for presents lemon tree Plants for Presents Decorated Rosemary Tree Plants for Presents Chilli Plant

Calamondin2010NovLHyacinthPinkL Plants for Presents Giant Camellia

My favourites, I have to say (oh yes and on my list again) are the Large Anthuriums, as I love the colour, the Lollipop Bay trees to replace the ones that get damaged by the frost here and the Poinsettias although I never seem to manage to keep mine going for very long, almost certainly because I don’t make the effort to look after them enough.

anthuriumgiant2010l BayhalfStandard2010LPoinsettia2009whiteL

When you order your plant as a gift you can frequently choose the type of container, plus the card to go with it and select Next Day Delivery. The plants are wrapped and delivered in standing boxes. Choose your date of delivery but please don’t leave it too close to Christmas……………………I think I may have said that before. Expect to hear it again over the next couple of weeks.