Saturday, 6 November 2010

Lulu Guinness–Handbags from Quirky to Totally Covetable

I have to confess I have never up until now been tempted to invest in a Lulu Guinness handbag although lovely handbags and I are a match made in heaven. I’m not of a ‘quirky’ nature (although I’m sure that some would tell me otherwise) but love beautiful quality, a classic/modern style, something that is large enough to hold all my stuff, light enough for me to be able to carry without needing wheels (!) and on the whole subtle so that, even if it is a well known brand, you probably have to look for the label. If you wanted to, that is.

So it was with surprise and some delight that I visited Lulu Guinness’s showroom a few days ago and saw the new Spring collection. And fell in love. Instantly. It wasn’t just that there were shapes and styles that I didn’t expect, or colours that are just so totally wearable, but everything I laid my hands on (and that was a lot) was incredibly light, and where bags are concerned and I am concerned that is an extremely important factor.

Lulu Guinness is famous for her own extremely idiosyncratic (and yes quirky style) with many of her handbags featuring lips, roses, pets, bows and birds and that has never been me. Put me in front of, however, the Black Sparkle Romilly (in gorgeous stone for Spring) red quilted Edith (yes I know those are lips, but it is very subtle) or quilted Jenny (ditto) and I’m taken. They all come in other colours and there are more, a few of which are below, including some which are more in her own 50s inspired style.

lulu romillylulu red edithlulu jenny

lulu wandalulu leopardlulu rose basket

I won’t be buying the Rose Basket Limited Edition………er……can you call it a handbag? But the Romilly in stone? All mine thank you very much…………………………………………………..