Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Eternal Packing Dilemma–What to Leave Behind

Ok so I’m off again, this time to New York for a week, with dinners, brunch meetings, more serious meetings and opera to pack for.  Yesterday I walked past my 20 year old daughter carrying my (ahem) larger bag and commented in passing, ‘I never did learn to pack light’.  ‘No’, she replied ‘and you never taught me how to either’.  Oh dear.

Anyway.  Packing for summer holidays is simple compared to this.  Warm weather trips never present these problems, which will undoubtedly combine mild and very cold weather and rain.  I have certain items always packed ready to be off with (well I would, wouldn’t I) such as my hanging washbag, adaptors, chargers and travel essentials such as my cashmere travel throw and neck pillow for the flight – I know they always look daft but they do work, the latter I mean.

me ane em travel throw  zpm weekender

Gadgets I can’t live without I’ve already written about in The Top Ten Long Haul Travel Gadgets, however there are a couple of additions to the list in the form of my new ultra light and ultra fast HP laptop and indispensible Logitech mini USB mouse, with such a tiny connector you can leave it plugged in all the time, rather than having to take it out to pack and lose it, which is the reason there are about five separate connectors and mice (mouses?) in my office none of which seem to match up.  And don’t panic, this baby comes in black as well.

Hp Pavillion DM4 logitech red mouse

Then there’s the fact that when I arrive I’ll have about ten minutes to unpack.  The answer to the weather dilemma of course is to take layers, a great coat which goes over everything and a brol,which you pray you won’t have to use. And boots, of course, a high pair for smart and a low pair to walk in which you can wear under jeans as well.  My only problem is the number of things I want to take to go with the boots, none of which I can bear to leave behind.  Plus the gym stuff and all the rest.  So at the moment it’s all in and I’m just about up to maximum weight with my extra fast hair dryer sitting forlornly on the top.  I expect it’ll come too……………..

I know some people who manage to travel extremely light but comfort myself that I cater for every possibility, and what’s the point of being away if you don’t  have your favourite things with you?  Any comments?…………………………………………