Monday, 15 November 2010

Coco Bay–Stylish Swimwear for Winter Sun Holidays

clip_image001[7]I remember quite a while back trying to find really stylish swimwear for a holiday somewhere hot and sunny in January. Obviously this was pre-kids as those days have long gone but what does stick in my mind is the frustrating search for a good range that wasn’t so designer it would get in the way of all that Christmas shopping, nor the other end of the scale. I succeeded in the end but it was annoying and exhausting.

Now of course you don’t need to do any of that, and if you are lucky enough to be catching some winter sun this year you certainly don’t need to trawl the stores, even though some have begun to realise that people do jet off all year round. It’s so much more comfortable to try on at home than in a tiny changing room, possibly after lunch when slipping into something tight and stretchy may not be exactly what you feel like doing. Let alone the pre-tan issue………….

Coco Bay has concentrated on a handpicked collection by owner Belinda Robinson with an emphasis on great fit and flattering shapes and she obviously knows what she’s talking about. She offers brands such as Seafolly, Bond-Eye and Banana Moon and although focusing very much on bikini wearers there are some seriously glamorous one-piece swimsuits plus kaftans, pretty beach dresses, pull-on trousers and sun hats.

clip_image001[5] coco bay opal coco bay maillot clip_image001[9] clip_image001[11]

So you can order everything from this well photographed one stop holiday shop, pack it all quickly and then get back to the Christmas decorations, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be beautifully chic on the beach.