Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Best Places for Shearling and Leather Coats and Jacket

Writing this on a short break from my hectic schedule in NY because leaving the cold in the UK for the chilly weather here made me think that if you haven’t ordered yours yet, then now’s the time or it’ll be too late. For the first time ever I crossed the Atlantic with a full-on shearling coat and believe me, I won’t be regretting it.

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The problem for shopping for this type of investment item in the stores is that most brands will have designed one or two (or three or four) to include in their seasonal collections, and very few have a full range. This is not the case with Celtic, who have a complete selection of everything shearling (and a lot of other clothes and accessories as well) but other than them you really have to search.

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Which of course makes online the perfect place to be, as you can switch from Joseph’s biker jacket at My Wardrobe to Marc Jacobs at Matches Fashion in an instant. Don’t think that all you will find is the hugely expensive, of course that’s there in abundance, but these stores are well aware that not everyone wants to, or can spend a huge fortune and so you’ll often discover something you couldn’t hope to find offline and fall in love. And order.

And there is always the Christmas list of course……………….