Monday, 4 October 2010

What to wear to the Gym………

I seem to spend a lot of time tweeting that I’m just off to or just back from the gym, which I realise is probably extremely boring, however having become a gym addict again this year after a long break (well I did go swimming occasionally, but I don’t think that counts the speed I swim at) I’m probably not going to stop soon. At least I give you also the hugely interesting (!) information about what I’m listening to, which ranges from Bach, Mascagni and Beethoven to Fleetwood Mac and Keane.

Recently I’ve been doing quite a lot of travelling (oh you noticed that too, did you?) and have visited various extremely well equipped gyms in places such as Paris, Dallas and Santa Fe. Which is fun, up to a point, apart from the fact that I’m used to going to my own little gym at home, and not having to see the results of other people’s efforts nor take any account of what they’re wearing. Far more important to me was/is the fact that I can wear my favourite LBD and feel much better in it than I did in January, the 16th, precisely, when I started all of this, than what I looked like in my old t-shirt, capris and trainers.

gym zip top gym vest gym capris

I’m seriously thinking that I should invest in some ‘smarter’ gym wear, and this is what I would buy if I did - just a few pieces to make me feel a bit better about what I look like before I start, particularly when I’m away. The fact that I look a complete wreck when I finish is irrelevant – it’s surely how you feel when you leap on that machine that counts girls (yes this is for the girls), I’m sure you’ll agree.

gym hoody gym vest 2

My favourite site by far for gym gear is Sweaty Betty, where there’s a very good range, choice of colours, great pictures and everything you could possibly need. Yes I know there are others, but for a one stop shop I think this is the best. Anything you buy from here will last for a long time, however much you use it. If I go for it, this is definitely where I will shop. I’m just waiting to go down one more size……..


I’m not going to get into the trainer debate however mine I have to say are Asics and they have an excellent range at JD Sports. I have two pairs. One which sits permanently and hopefully in my travel bag with half my gym kit so that I never forget anything and the other on my feet right now because yes – next stop the gym…………..