Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Web Hints – The Importance of Great Pictures

Quite often when I’m reading a fashion mag or weekend supplement and they mention a new fashion website (or at least one I haven’t heard of) I make a note to take a look with a view to adding it to the fashion stable at

Quite often I click away just as fast, horrified that in these days of the web zeitgeist some would-be successful online retailers do not realise the importance of great pictures.  Or even good pictures.  Or even reasonably good pictures.

The fact is that if you want to be really successful on the web and get anywhere near competing with the big boys you have to have the following;

Clear pictures
Zoom, preferably to almost full page
Several views of each product (front, back, close-up detail)

perfect pics my wardrobe

Then if possible, and obviously particularly for fashion:
Alternative colour-ways, not just colour swatches.
320 degree spin

This sounds like a great deal I know, and some of these may be out of reach for some of you, however bearing in mind that incorporating any of these onto your e-commerce site should substantially increase your conversion rates can you afford not to at least have the first three. 

perfect pics forzieri

The idea that a potential customer will stumble on to your site, spend some time there and then buy without good pictures and great content is a nonsense.  They simply won’t, and the competition is getting fiercer every day. 

There’s a very good reason why some online boutiques succeed and others trail and fail and that is quite simply attention to detail, following the basic rules and keeping up with web developments.  Very little of it is rocket science…………………..

Here’s something to aim for…………………………check out both the colourways, the zoom and the spin.

perfect pics sorel

I always think that families are wonderful and having the kids home last weekend was great but oh is it blissfully quiet now they’re all back oop north.  A busy week has means meetings in London yesterday and two more tomorrow, then I’ll be on Radio 2 at around midnight tomorrow evening on the Janice Long show.  Talking about what?  Online shopping of course…….what else.

Unfortunately I didn’t make the IMRG awards dinner which I was very sad about, but a sinusitis and going out late just don’t mix.  I just hope I sound clearer for the beeb.