Saturday, 2 October 2010

Web Hints - Affiliate Marketing – Should you or Shouldn’t you?

Chris colour wider for home pageI am an affiliate marketeer through my website and have over the years built up a very good relationship with several of the major affiliate organisations who I talk to regularly.

They are in business, of course, as we all are, to make money first and foremost and will on occasion sign a merchant who (in my opinion) would be better off examining their conversion rate, usability, range and SEO for natural search before paying to stand, arms open, saying ‘here I am’, because what affiliate marketing may do is get you on other people’s websites (where you may or may not want to be) but it will not help you much if you have a site that doesn’t already convert well.

Those who have been involved in affiliate marketing and extremely successful at it for a while may leave the room now. Those who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about please contact me at

I have noticed quite a lot of e-commerce sites recently who should not be in affiliate programs yet although they are. They are there often because although the website does not perform well enough, someone has said that joining an affiliate program should help. It will not.

Now of course there’s no way I can know your conversion rate, but what I do know is that if your content and pictures are not good enough, your title tags are not set up properly, you have a too small range and your functionality is questionable you will be converting at a lower level than you should be or want to and you need to sort these issues out first. Then and only then can affiliate marketing work for you as it should do.

Affiliate marketing can have excellent results and is the way forward if you want to get onto the good directories and other sites – it’s the way that e-commerce is moving but please get your site right first or you will be wasting both time and money.

One more thing on this subject – unless you really don’t care where you are, retain control over who you allow to publish your links and banners. Therein lies another tale………

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