Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Treat your Feet – FitFlop’s Shearling Boots

fitflop john lewis

I’ll freely admit that I’ve written about FitFlops before, more than once, but as I was dashing through John Lewis the other day (actually looking for buttons, believe it or not) I spotted these, longer versions of the very shearling boots adorning my feet at the moment and practically irresistible. Now at the top of my Christmas list. More FitFlop boots. Yes please………

The difference between these and super-popular Ugg boots (and similar) is that they are very good to walk in. In Uggs I find that it’s too easy to shuffle and though they are gloriously warm at the end of the day I don’t feel I’ve been walking as I should have. Now with FitFlops you have no option but to walk properly, and you can, and I do, wear them from sun up to bed time, to take the dogs round the garden if it’s not too wet, in the house all day and then they morph into pure therapy as slippers.

fitflop cloggs Of course these boots will never be slippers, nor, being totally honest, are they any of chic, stylish, sexy or glamorous but the temptation to tuck a pair of skinny cords or jeans into a pair of these is getting stronger as it gets colder. Frankly they are the best, and this from someone who has seriously tested them out.

I suggest you order yours now as, surprise surprise, they tend to sell out when it gets to freezing. My two favourite stores for ordering are John Lewis and Cloggs, again I’ve tested both services and neither have every let me down. Just click straight through to the boots. You won’t regret it.

Speaking of cold I’ve just had to send a whole load of Uniqlo’s Heattech up to the daughter in Edinburgh, who is suddenly realising just how cold it is probably going to be up there. I wouldn’t be without those, either.