Monday, 25 October 2010

Six of the Best – Shearling Coats and Jackets

As I’m sure I mentioned last winter I’m a shearling collector. There is quite simply nothing warmer than a great shearling coat or jacket for braving the cold.

The great news about most of the current shearlings as opposed to the ones from a few years back is that they are so much lighter, so if you do get overheated and have to carry yours for a while you’re not weighed down………..much.

They’re always investment buys (unless you buy really cheap, in which case you will not get great quality) and last for years and years, so long in fact that it’s hard to justify a new buy – how could I possibly want to replace my black Joseph Tuscan lamb flying jacket, or my long Icelandic sheepskin coat? Frankly I don’t think I’ll ever have the excuse, which is probably why I’m writing so much about dresses these days………….

Anyway, having had a good browse, here are what I consider to be six of the best shearlings for this winter. We’ve already had a taste of the cold, so if you’re thinking of splashing out consider these and get your order in early, the moment it does get really cold they’re bound to go fast.

Finally be careful of belted shearling, sheepskin or anything bulky – it will make you look even more so unless you’re very slim.

shearling jacket vince shearling coat osman sheepskin coat jaeger

shearling coat celtic shearling jacket celtic shearling jacket coggles

Ok my favourites? Definitely the Vince jacket top left – like nothing else I have in my cupboard and it would look soooooo great with my jeans and boots. Oh well………