Friday, 29 October 2010

Shimmer and Sparkle with Nars

From handbags to highlighters this is one for the girls, so if you’re not one of those please close this page down now, this is definitely not for you, let alone for those who like to think that ladies need no enhancement. There’s something about that little bit of effort in the morning or before going out on the town that just makes us feel sooo much better, although the less obvious the better (do I hear clapping then?)

Started early yesterday morning with a meeting at Lulu Guinness (more about that in my next post) and by the time I was ready to go to my lunch meeting I knew that most of what I had used to try and energise my face before I left had been left behind somewhere, probably on my walk between Kensal Green station and Kensal Road.

The problem is that we all want make-up with staying power, that enhances what we naturally have all day without needing constant reapplication and without looking too obvious. Is there such as thing? I’m becoming a cynic. Anyway…….rushing through Selfridges on my way to Texture in Great Portman Street I stopped to have a quick look at Nars, top on the list for that bit of added sparkle, and then had a fast make-over by Yannick which succeeded in lasting all day, even through an induction training on the machines at my gym (which I can never get the hang of) and all the way back home. It would have lasted beautifully through my 6pm meeting if that hadn’t been cancelled at the last moment.

Just four products made my day and I’ve added in the blush colour – Super Orgasm which I use anyway wherever I am. I like a look that is natural but pretty and cannot bear that ‘overly-made-up’ look that some seem to think makes them look more attractive, usually in the 18 – 25 bracket, but that I think makes them look like they must have something to hide (my daughter is going to kill me for that – sorry dear, but stop pinching my Nars!)

Nars Luster nars silk road

Nars blush in Super Orgasm – a slightly glittery perfect peach, and Luster – a shimmery bronze pink.
Eye shadows in Silk Road – for eyes and as an illuminator

nars concealer Nars hungry heart

Concealer Duo – moisturising concealer in two shades
Highlighting Powder in Hungry Heart – for an instant lift

You probably think I went out looking like a lit up Christmas tree but the point of all of these is to use them for their subtlety, particularly with Silk Road and Hungry Heart – which if over used will make you glitter like crazy – ok so you can use more as we get closer to Christmas but dears we are not there yet. I travel with these four wherever I go – they’re for making me feel good, not for anyone else. I think you’ll enjoy them all.

In particular one thing I have noticed when travelling is that I usually have very little time between meetings which may last all afternoon and going out for dinner. Half an hour if I’m lucky. So I’ve pared my routine down to the essentials and am now probably the speediest person you know for changing from simple meeting chic to out to dinner elegance (at least that’s what I aspire to). Without these four in my bag of tricks and a few favourite LBD’s (thank you Karen Millen for my black corset dress and fringed dress which go with me everywhere) it would be impossible……………………

New York in two and a half weeks. Is it too early to pack, do you think?