Saturday, 16 October 2010

Peep Toe Boots – Sublime or Ridiculous?

Winter is the excuse to wear great boots. Black suede knee-high platform boots, over the knee boots, fringed boots, ankle boots (love those) boots you can walk in and those you barely totter in. Who cares? Most of the time a great pair of boots adds a sexy edge to just about anything, from jeans and smart pants to a knee length dress.

Peep Toe 1 peep toe 2 shoe boot 3

I simply do not get peep toe boots. Ok a sandal-like dressed up strappy boot with bare legs I can sort of understand although I would not be happy to pay a designer price for something that is quite so ‘on trend’ (or do you think they’re here to stay?

shoe boot 4 peep toe 5

To be honest the thought of buying something that is supposed to be a boot but isn’t, that you have really to wear with bare legs even in the middle of winter, that may look incredibly ‘now’ but won’t protect me from rain and cold (let alone snow) is faintly ridiculous if not totally so. I suppose if you’re only going from limmo to restaurant and back they’ll work but otherwise……………………………………..

fringed boot On another note if fringing is coming back with a vengeance how about these? Now will they fit in my bag if I take a quick trip to NYC next month? I do hope so. These I love even if totter is all I’ll be able to do….I think the brown, don’t you? Or the black? Or both? Oh dear!

Incidentally my 20 year old daughter just walked in and asked me what I was writing about. ‘Peep toe boots’ I answered. ‘I hope you’re going to write about how stupid they are’ she replied.………….