Friday 1 October 2010

Keeping Warm – Uniqlo HeatTech

If you’ve read any of my posts from last winter you’ll know that I’m one of those people who seriously feels the cold, most likely because after the rush of running my dogs round the garden each morning I spend most of my time when not in London sitting at this desk working. I live in a barn of a house which, when the kids aren’t home (most of the time now) is far too expensive to heat and so I freeze. And oh yes I froze last winter.

heat tech turtle neck heat tech t-shirt

Having missed out on Uniqlo’s HeatTech turtle-necks last year in the colours I would have worn (you know, black, brown, charcoal) I got my order in early this time. I knew the moment I unwrapped it that my black (!) HeatTech turtle neck top would be worn most of the time this winter (and thank goodness I ordered two). It is wonderfully soft, gorgeously stretchy, the neck fits perfectly and most importantly I am sitting here beautifully warm.

Now you may say to me hang on, it’s only October 1st, and we have a long way to go before it gets really cold and of course you’re right, but I have confidence in Uniqlo’s heat retention technology and of course I will let you know. For now this is bliss. I’m already ordering for the daughter at uni in Edinburgh – she is definitely going to need these.

heat tech leggings heat tech top

I’m happy to see that the new +J collection will be in at Uniqlo on October 14th, it was brilliant last year and I’ll be interested to see it again. I will confess that I don’t like the Uniqlo stores, but then I don’t like any of that kind of ‘pile it high’ store. Buying online from the new website however is a breeze.

And by the way, while ordering the daughter's top I have noticed that some of the colours and sizes have already sold out, so get ordering now. You don't want to have to schlep to the store now, do you?