Sunday, 31 October 2010

Instant Glamour – the Little Black Lace Dress

Why do I always do this to myself? Pick something to write about that’s on-trend and essential for the season and tempt myself unbearably to dig out the plastic and shop before I’ve even finished writing. The sign of a true shopaholic I suppose…….

This season if you buy just one LBD it has to be lace doesn’t it? Hover online or trek the high street and you’ll find a vast number of them, from little lace tunics to sexy designer dresses you’ll be hard put to ignore.

Here are my six of the best, from high street to high fashion, a few of which would definitely break the bank and others which, although lasting probably for just one season, would do very nicely thank you very much. And no I haven’t shopped yet……………………but I am considering it.

lace dress d&G lace dress mischino lace dress matches

lade dress karen millen lace dress oasis lace dress john lewis

As usual my favourites are the D&G (No 1) and Karen Millen (No 4). Which are yours? Do let me know…….