Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Uniqlo – Warming up for Winter

I read only this week that Uniqlo had just launched online, which is nonsense of course, as they’ve been there for quite a while with a (ho hum how shall I put this) pretty uninspiring website (wrote something entirely different, crossed it out, left the strike-through then decided to start again – sorry – you’ll have to guess).

uniqlo merino cashmere uniqlo down jacket

What they have just done is re-launch with a totally new site, one which you and I will almost certainly want to browse through and buy from, because they’ve achieved what so many fail to do – they’ve made it really easy to get right close up and personal to the products, priced them at an irresistible level, photographed them simply and extremely well (and you can see each product in each colourway) and…….well what more do I need to say?

uniqlo fur coat uniqlo fleece jacket

I as usual go for the neutrals, the blacks/dark browns and greys although I’m getting better at adding in a splash of colour, particularly in hot climates, and I’m not entirely sure who wears the printed fleece because it’s a personal no-no of mine and I have never actually spotted anyone wearing it. All that being said; hats off to Uniqlo and let’s go shop.

uniqlo cashmere stole cardi uniqlo cashmere long sweater

+J is not inspirational at the moment as the winter collection has not yet arrived, but there are some lovely, modern, slightly higher priced cashmere pieces in the DI cashmere range.

Back from Dallas as of Monday into the beautiful sunshine which is not going to last. Winter cometh, bother it. At least some of the warmest clothing is now affordable……………………

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