Monday, 27 September 2010

The Hunt for the Perfect Little Red Dress

I’ve been told quite a few times that I have too strong a penchant for black – well you know………having been in the fashion business for so long/it makes me look slimmer/I think it suits me etc etc etc. But bearing this in mind when I sorted through my winter clothes I realised that black made up pretty well 80% of my wardrobe, apart from a bit of navy and quite a lot of very dark brown.

Deciding it was time for a change I focused on red as the ultimate colour for autumn. I wanted the perfect Little Red Dress, something that would flatter and flirt, work for day or night and have some element about it that said ‘buy me, wear me, keep me, love me’. And of course, because I’m very good at this kind of thing…….I found it. Have a guess, it’s one of these six. Let me know.

DvF red dress dvf red dress 2 dvf red dress 3

dvf red dress 4 dvf red dress 5 dvf red dress 6

To sleeve or not to sleeve? – a girlfriend told me recently that she thought no one over a certain age should wear sleeveless – I have to beg to disagree. It totally depends on how good your arms look and how you feel about baring them (but more about the former, I think). Cast your votes now……………….I’d like to know.

Over the past few days my kitchen has become a cider farm, as the great business of pressing, bubbling and bottling took place, as it does each September, when the son spends a fortune to drive down from Edinburgh to manage this process. I still have dozens of quietly bubbling bottles in front of my Aga and he has gone. Now who is going to have to move that little lot I wonder………………..