Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Website Review - Ghost

The reincarnation of Ghost has taken a while, but it appears to have arrived. Gone are the long rails of identically coloured viscose crepe separates and dresses designed to turn the lumpiest of us into a svelte siren, gone is the initial bland and uninteresting website (which is why I didn’t write about it originally). In the place of all that is a collection dresses and separates that are sexy in some cases, flattering in most cases and in bright colours or grown-up neutrals.

ghost dress 1 ghost dress 2 ghost blue dip dye dress

Some of the dresses in particular will take quite a lot of wearing (and will almost certainly require something by Spanx). And the blue one above is definitely my favourite – now would you be able to Scottish dance in that one I wonder? Hmmmm, yes I think you could.

I’m frequently accused of being too picky when I review websites but then that’s what I’m there for, what would be the point of only saying ‘nice’ things when small changes can make such a difference. With www.ghost.co.uk I would get rid of the ‘ghostly’ main image – at least as it is today, and add in a little pizazz, or a lot for preference. There are some gorgeous things here but the site is so quiet it makes me sleepy, when what I should be doing is sitting up, oooooh-ing and ahhhhh-ing and flashing the plastic.

If you want to be successful online you have to stand up and shout out about yourself – no one is going to do it for you, believe me.

Just finished my piece for the press this week and hope it will be published. Fingers and toes crossed please.

My house this week is ridiculously quiet with all the men gone to Scotland, all the mess cleared up and just six dogs and the daughter (and occasional hangers on) for company. I love it this way, it’ll be hard to go back, but at least I’ll have had my holiday first……………..just over a week to go then Spokane, Idaho here I come. And you may well ask. More about that and packing later.