Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Website Review – Baby Ceylon

Baby Ceylon offers a small but cleverly and flatteringly designed collection of dresses and separates all made in wearable, packable viscose crepe, and in a selection of colours.  Choose from maxi dresses, short flirty versions and knee length ‘tea’ dresses with drawstring necklines.  There are some pretty tops and kaftans but by far the strongest range is the dress collection.

baby ceylon main  baby ceylon 2  baby ceylon 3

I would like to be able to click on the different colours and see how the styles look, which you can’t at the moment, and I’d also (probably asking too much at this stage in the season) like to be able to order a dress in the same colour as the main picture, rather than find out that it’s only available in black (I know, I do love black, but there’s on particularly pretty red dress that I’d like in that colour and was frustrated when I discovered that only black was left, not that I was going to order it, of course, but………………..).

baby ceylon top 1  baby ceylon top 2  baby ceylon top 3

Prices go from just under £100 to around £170 for a beaded top so although not inexpensive they’re definitely not at the top end, and new additions keep the collection looking fresh. 

So the son in Ghana has food poisoning, and the daughter in Cornwall is unwell, and I seem to have left my magic want somewhere on the basis of ‘mum I’m not feeling well what can I do’.  Anyway advice tendered and I think both are on the mend.  Inevitably the son ceases contact when he’s better so I’m assuming that’s a good sign.

Thinking about my next trip to two completely different parts of the US and how they require completely different sets of clothes with very little cross-over.  Even for an expert packer such as myself this one is going to be an interesting challenge. …………………  I’ll let you know.