Sunday, 1 August 2010

Focus on Lace – Six Dresses to Wear Now

Lace is one of the major trends for autumn, flattering on just about everyone (caveat; depending on how it’s worn) but a great lace or lace trimmed dress will take you from glitzy summer evenings to full on winter glamour with no trouble at all.

Inevitably there’s going to be a  huge amount of it about right through from designer level to the high street.  Somewhere in the middle there should be a wide choice of modern pretty pieces perfect for buying now and instead of hoarding them away for when it gets colder (as you would that camel cashmere coat I know you’re eyeing) they’re eminently wearable right now and onwards.

lace dress phillip lim lace dress d & G lace dress wallis

These are my favourite six in the stores as of now, and ranging from 3.1 Phillip Lim’s embellished lace-overlay dress through D & G’s gorgeous boned lace bustier dress and on to Wallis’s pretty-as-a-picture and astoundingly well priced gathered lace dress.

lace dress phase eight 3 lace dress karen millen 2 lace dress shift dress

And yes I know there are two by Dolce & Gabanna but frankly if you have the budget they have to be the all time afficionados at combining sexy and lbd in pretty well any fabric, but particularly lace and/or animal print and yes………………….I do want them both, and yes I know that they are both black, but I’m not sure how many times I have to say it – a girl simply cannot have too many perfect black dresses.  It was put to me the other day that adding another black dress into my wardrobe was not what I should be doing as I have so many already.  Poor thing………..some people just don’t understand, do they?  The slightest, tiniest smidgeon of difference is what makes each one so special, so perfect, so ‘now’ as I’m sure you’ll agree.

In my usual style I have to say that my all time favourite is, of course, the Dolce bustier dress.  Wouldn’t you just want to keep that one close to you for ever?  As for the price tag?  Hmmmmm.  Now what excuse could I make to my bank manager?  None probably, other than it would do for dinners in Paris, the opera in New York and, of course, Scottish dancing at my son’s 21st?  Well maybe not the latter – it’s not really a Dashing White Sargeant dress I know but there have to be enough excuses dahling to make it work somehow……………

Just one word of warning; the best of the LBLDs out there will be snaffled quickly so if you can, buy early.  Those camel cashmere coats and jackets will be around for much much longer.  Take my word for it.