Sunday, 4 July 2010

Website Review – Coco Bay Beachwear

There are a lot of places you can find big brand swimwear online, many of whom have an excellent choice. For bikini wearers (and lovers of pretty kaftans and beach dresses) Coco Bay is a small, independent place to have a browse and one which you may well not have heard of. Brands include Banana Moon, Moontide, Seafolly and Bond-Eye but don’t expect to find the full range of each, this is a carefully edited, handpicked collection.

coco bay kaftan coco bay blue bikini coco bay white sarong dress

For non bikini wearers there are very good beach accessories, from the aforesaid kaftans to sarongs and maxi dresses, so don’t be put off. I fell in love with Banana Moon’s colourful black-based kaftan immediately, to wear over my impeccable black halter-neck one-piece.

coco bay cobalt bikini coco bay white kaftan coco bay navy sarong

I’m off again at the end of this week for some business and lots of fun in the US – only five days unfortunately but I seem to be unable to say no to any travel opportunities, jet lag or no jet lag and anyway, five days? Maybe I’ll make them all stick to my time. Fat chance!

So I’ve packed for the extreme heat I’m told I’ll encounter, which means boiling in the open air and freezing in the air-con but it’ll be worth it. Now do I need (as in NEED) a new handbag for this trip? I’m trying to avoid that question…………. I say to myself, ‘but you’re only going for five days’, but somehow that never seems to work very well. We’ll see. I may just manage to resist this time. Although I gather that they’re all going to be sooooooo chic.

Once more leaving the kids to look after the dogs, and the house, and everything else. But then I did say that this was going to be my travel year, and so far so very good.

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