Monday, 21 June 2010

The Unpacking Dilemma and Essential Travel Buys

There’s always something slightly glamorous about packing I think, particularly if you know that you’re going to be city visiting, dining out or chilling by a lovely pool.  I would temper that with festival and camping holiday packing (the latter of which I have done, promise, albeit a long time ago, though the former never).  Folding up your fave clothes and accessories, squishing in that final pair of heels, sitting on your case to do up the zipper and then hauling it out to your car/taxi or on to the train – all those things carry with them a curl of anticipation – at least they do in my book.

The reverse is true when ever I get back – usually not quite all the stuff that I managed to fold and squish with such brilliance fits into my case so my tote is filled with the overflow (all shoes this time) and I stagger back into the house in a bad mood to find six kids, a huge (huge) amount of mess everywhere, 16 loads of laundry as one son is incapable of bringing his down from his room and several dogs/puppies more than there were when I left.  The glamour vanishes, instantly.

I have one rule which is to unpack immediately, and so obsessed am I with getting back out before too long I also pack certain things straight back into my tote ready for the off.  So my wash bag and beauty kit is replenished and re-packed with infinite care and is now totally ready to take me away again.  If there’s anyone reading this who doesn’t already do this but does travel I will make your life so much easier. 

Essential Travel Buys

Reiss bag  ZPM weekender

Pay a visit to Muji and invest in some of their travel bottles and pots – I mark on the bottom with a permanent marker what’s inside rather than scrawling over the side.  If you’re one of those people to travels with large sized bottles this will lighten your load amazingly.

This summer Reiss has a  large striped tote that will hold everything you could possibly need it to and weighs practically nothing – sling it over your shoulder or balance on your wheelie it’s an excellent investment and so so chic……

Don’t leave home without one of ZPM’s hang-up toiletry Weekenders – no matter how many stops you make all  you do is fold it out and hang it up – it look great in all the smartest bathrooms and has see-through pockets for everything.  Trust me on this.


Finally if you can, invest in Bobbi Brown’s travel brush set, not exactly a snip but high quality and a set that will last you for years – I find swapping brushes each time I leave home impossible and irritating and I always forget something.