Monday, 24 May 2010

In the Swim – Swim and Resort for Real People

swimsuit gottex If this title is slightly ambiguous I’ll explain – I’ve long had a theory about swimwear, regardless of the superb bodies of the swimwear models in all the pics, that where swim and resort wear are concerned, unless you are seriously perfectly bodied and around the age of my daughter (oh well perhaps that’s a bit mean – add a few years on to her 19 then), less is less, and a bit more is better by far.

By that I mean that most women above a certain age look better in a one-piece than an itsy bitsy bikini no matter how much of themselves they’re desperate to bring back home a roasted or golden brown. I’m ducking under my desk right now as someone out there I’m sure is going to disagree with me for saying this.
Go to any beach or sunny poolside and you’ll see numerous sights you’d really rather not clap eyes on and the question is why? The answer is either because some girls seem determined to tan as much as possible, or because their partners/friends are either ridiculously tactful (and thankfully I don’t know any of those) or have totally rosy tinted spectacles and no sense.
swimsuit rose simply beach
To my mind the best swimwear is beautifully cut, one piece and can be bandeau, halter or one shoulder, with enough on show to be sexy, glamorous, chic (or whatever look you're after), but not so much that it looks as if you're trying too hard.

Two of the best places to find designer and reasonably priced swimwear are Figleaves and Simply Beach, both of whom carry glamorous brands such as Gottex, Melissa Odabash, Bond Eye, Seafolly, Manuel Canovas and Fantasie plus Miraclesuit, which goes in many styles up to a size 20.

This year to my mind Simply Beach wins the prize for choice easily.

It’s nearing the end of May and most of us are going to be hitting the beach, pool or deck-side soon – are you ready?

The daughter is now on her way back from New Zealand and has managed to arrive with bags intact – just praying it stays the same way on to Singapore! The younger son is home, four loads of laundry completed, by me of course, and will be away again later today. My peace is definitely going to be totally shattered very soon when they are all back for laundry, dining and other general ‘hotel’ facilities. I may just be away.

Dreaming of a pretty poolside in the South of France…………………………………………………….