Monday, 12 April 2010

Website Review - Kenneth Cole New York at House of Fraser.........

Stupidly, because the sun came out for a short while a couple of days ago, I thought I would write about sundresses. Much too early of course. So I've turned my attentions to a great US brand that is hardly ever seen over here, although much of the collection is now available at House of Fraser.

Kenneth Cole is another of those designer brands to be found in every mall and major shopping street in the US, but for some reason hasn't until now made it properly over the pond and even now the quirky, contemporary atmosphere is lacking. Go to the US, walk into one of the somewhat darkly lit grey/black stores and you can tell immediately who the clothes and accessories are aimed at - essentially the young, modern New Yorker, who doesn't want to spend a fortune but expects quality, excellence of design and a versatile, minimal wardrobe that will take them anywhere.

When you view the collection at House of Fraser you won't immediately get the impact that you do in the stores because the collection is with so many other brands, so take a look online at Kenneth Cole - the US site where it's worth spending a moment to get the overall feel, and then take advantage of the great styling (and the fact that most of the items are discounted at HoF), have a browse and you may well find something you love.

My daughter is now waiting for me to book her tickets to stay with our friends in New Zealand, lucky girl, where she'll be going on a boat trip to Marlborough Sounds and generally wonderfully entertained. There's a great story behind our having these friends, which involves my son bringing their son (totally unexpectedly) home to live with us for a while having rescued him while on his gap year. Luckily we all got on, as a 6'4" rugby player you don't get on with could be somewhat difficult if he was living in your home.

Tomorrow it's back to London and my fortnightly meeting (ahem) at the Wolseley. Can't wait!