Friday, 23 April 2010

Website Review – Jigsaw Online

Jigsaw is one of those brands that’s been around for a long while, that we (or certainly I) tend to dip in an out of, and that I have to confess, until this spring, I have been dipping out more than in.

All brands go through good and bad seasons inevitably, change of designers, trying to re-invent ‘the brand look’ and other factors come into play and usually over-inspiration clouds the original, probably successful, brand message and the customer goes somewhere else in search of what she always expected to find.

Because Jigsaw is now available at my local House of Fraser in High Wycombe, where I inevitably have a browse on my way to do something more prosaic in town, I stopped to have a good look a couple of weeks ago, and if my pockets were as deep as I would like them to be I would have invested a great deal. As it was I came out with several items (inevitably).

jigsaw jacket jigsaw dress

The look is idiosyncratically Jigsaw, with a wide (every so slightly sludgy) colour palette and separates to put together within it but some of the pieces stand out a mile to me, the navy jacquard shift dress I wrote about earlier this week, the pale mint green casual jacket (which is so much nicer than the pic) the perfectly shaped camisoles and t-shirts and the lovely soft and draped knits.

jigsaw cardigan same as jigsaw cami

This is a collection not to be missed. Unfortunately for me I have to walk past it every time I go to High Wycombe (well I don’t actually have to, but I seem to, if you know what I mean). It looks as if this is going to be a very expensive summer…………

The daughter in Oz has actually said that she’s looking forward to coming home. Wow! I think I should be celebrating although the thought of all that washing and mess and noise ever so slightly horrifies me. I’ve got used to the peace and quiet with both sons being firmly rooted oop north and only getting in touch when they want something.

I was at the IMRG Fashion Retailer event on Wednesday focusing on the use of Rich Media within retail e-commerce sites, and I’m going to be handing on some of those gems next week – it was unexpectedly fascinating. Yesterday was lunch with my diamond expert friend at Franco’s in Jermyn Street, currently one of my two favourite restaurants, along with Keith Goddard’s 101 Pimlico Road – Franco’s having the edge because they play Winnie the Pooh in the Ladies (well they may play it in the men’s room as well, of course, but I wouldn’t know – I wonder what they do play in there).

Anyway, lunch was great and Mark Walker of Ice Cool Diamonds a laugh a minute as always. Unfortunately we didn’t discuss my favourite stones (well why would we?), other than him telling me of the amazing bespoke rings he’s creating at the moment, at which point I started to go green with envy so he quickly changed the subject. If anyone wants to know anything about diamonds (the serious ones) he’s your man and well worth spending time with, you can ask him about his 1200 cc BMW motorbike as well, his other passion other than diamonds. Last year I ended up having to take Mark to Glyndebourne having lost a bet – I resisted betting on anything yesterday. And no, we didn’t go by bike……………