Monday, 26 April 2010

Beauty Review – Best Foot Forward – Jessica Nails – John and Ginger

It's that time of year again, when if you haven’t already, any minute now you’re going to be shedding your tights, hold-ups, stockings or socks and baring your feet to the world in your favourite pair of sandals.

For those who don’t bother during the winter months this can be a tricky time that probably nothing but a fast schlep to the nearest beauty salon (or hours with a good salt scrub and file) will sort, and I have to say I have no sympathy here – I have to see my feet all year round, so I want them looking as good as they can be at all times. Forget anyone else, this is solely (sorry) for me.

To my mind there is one brand of polish that wins hands down every time (Jessica), one quick dry (Seche Vite)believe me, it’s the best) and any number of scrubs and files that will do the rest, scented or otherwise.

jessica garter belt jessica perchance to dream jessica mint green jessica seche vite

And on to the question of colour. This season nude is the new black (rouge noir, anyone?) or mint green, about which I’ve written in the past but seem to have been outvoted. Mint green toenails? Er…. no thanks. I think these are two of the most unflattering colours anyone could choose, however ‘now’. Having for years gone down the purple/deep plum route I seem to have undergone a sea change towards shimmering pale ‘blush’ which I find extraordinary. I thought I knew myself so well. Apparently not.

So it’s with happiness that I greet Jessica’s new Daydream collection for Spring 2010, which includes three shades of shimmering pale from palest lilac to very pale coral (although including hot pink, orange and the aforesaid mint). Also hard to resist, from both the colour and name point of view, is the Burlesque Beauty collection, which includes Gorgeous Garter Belt, Ruffled Bottoms and Sexy Siren – I’m assuming someone there has a good sense of humour………………………………………..

Jessica isn’t all that easy to find online – you can buy it at Look Fantastic, which is one of my all time favourite beauty stores, and also at John and Ginger, and that essential bottle of Seche Vite at HQ Hair (as well as Look Fantastic). If you haven’t already got buffing then now’s the time, an emergency sandal wearing occasion has to be round the next corner.

I’m trying to conduct a poll on Twitter at the moment on the subject of men and pedicures. Only one comment so far so I’m going to wait for some more. Come along! Either way, and obviously I’m not talking about nail polish here (or am I?) they need to look after their feet as well. Ok ok, quick subject change.

I seem to have invited rather a lot of people for lunch this Sunday (as I usually do on the Bank Holiday weekend) and I will be cook, though hopefully not bottle washer, and I think I may have talked one son into coming down, although he almost certainly won’t help. So if I go quiet, you’ll know I’m poaching salmon and making meringues. A friend has thoughtfully given me the ingredients for an essential pesto to go with the salmon (as well as the mayonnaise I always make), by famous chef Wolfgang Puck – if I could get him to come and make too it that would be even better – I just hope I get it right…………………………………..