Friday, 12 March 2010

How to wear Ruffles.............................

Ruffles are, as you no doubt already know, very much 'of the moment', and whichever store you go into or are browsing online, ruffles are there in abundance, verging into the downright frilly.

Now I have nothing against the odd ruffle on occasion. I think they can add a bit of extra sex appeal to a fitted skirt or dress, a snip of 'edge' to a simple black top, or a glorious bit of extra nonsense to a jewel coloured body-con cocktail or evening dress. I do also think they can (and are surely going to be) worn totally out of context, and that ruffles, frills and furbelows are going to be over-worn and over-done throughout this season and probably into the next, frequently in an eye-poppingly dreadful way.

If you're very keen on ruffles and want to be covered in them (!) I think you have to be very slim indeed and extremely careful - they don't look out of place on all those catwalk models because they balance their very slimness, they would definitely look daft on me and, here I go again, I love them in moderation on black or dark navy, or on a crisp white shirt, or as the trim on a wrap dress.

And if they're not sexy, subtle or gorgeous, and preferably all three, then they should be firmly left at home.

Two designers who seem to manage ruffles superbly well are Donna Karan, and, of course at a much lower price level, Karen Millen, both of whos handwriting is undeniably wearable and always in touch with the mood of the moment.

I would say please, keep your ruffles in check, keep them simple, never, ever wear more than one ruffled piece at a time, and if the ruffled item you are wearing is very detailed, balance it with something else that is totally plain. This is definitely one where the fashion victims will be caught out, as they were the last time ruffles were around.