Sunday, 7 March 2010

Babylon, Punks and Blue Handbags

Saturday evening I went to a 'Trendy Punk' party, given by an Irish very old friend of mine, for his son's 21st, at the extraordinary Gilgamesh Bar and Restaurant in Camden Market. Not having been there before all I can say is go if you have the chance and if you can stand the noise. The food is 'pan-Asian' from head chef Ian Pengelly and seriously good, the decor Eastern opulence with the ambiance of a (their words) 'Babylonian style palace'. Not to be missed, I promise you.

Anyway, back to the punk theme. I'm one of those extremely boring people who doesn't do 'fancy dress' of any kind with any enthusiasm. So when I got the invite I have to confess I cringed slightly. I knew I'd go, but 'Trendy Punk'? What would you do? I decided that I would have to wear black (when don't I?) some slightly startling jewellery in the form of a cascading pearl 'statement' necklace I'd invested in recently, put on the studded gladiators, black jeans, a leather jacket, black nail varnish and lots of glitter. So I was a kind of 'glamour punk', although hopefully more glamour than punk.

Had I known I could have worn one of my favourite LBD's with the leather jacket etc, but I didn't really think about it. Now, looking at the pics, I confess I wish I had. Oh well!

Incidentally these are not my sandals, but these would have fitted the bill exceptionally well, don't you think? Punk shoes? Forget it, I'll have Camilla Skovgaard's amazing cut out heels any day.

The amusing thing was that although all the women kept it quite toned down, the men - and the kids of course - really went for it. The spiked hair, the leather jackets, the jeans and the safety pins in abundance. Now I have to be very careful what I say here. This is not a good look for a grown up man. There, that was quite polite, wasn't it? Hah! I wish I could show you a pic, but I can't, then I would really get into trouble.

On to the subject of blue handbags and wondering what you think? I have red (which I never use because it doesn't feel right) metallic (ditto) leopard (which I love) and purple (which I do use occasionally particularly when I'm really too black elsewhere). Then of course there are all the neutrals and, living in London with all the rain, Longchamp's wonderful black patent Legende handbag which goes from downpour to sunshine and always looks amazing.

Although I am not in the market for a new handbag (!) I was just channelling a blue vibe, and wondering what would make me decide that this should be the next colour. I think this is very tricky, because buy cheap and I wouldn't use it and buy mucho expensivo and I'd feel guilty that there were so few occasions when it was right. Having said this I do think this Miu Miu quilted bag is darling, but would my bank manager ever speak to me again? I suspect not. Blue will have to wait for another day, then.............