Sunday, 21 February 2010

Would you ever wear a corset?……………………Underwear as Outerwear


We girls all know very well that the season of underwear as outerwear (daft expression, really), is fast approaching. It’s on the catwalk, we’ve seen it in the glossies and as a ‘trend du jour’ there’s no doubt you may be considering it as an option soon. I have to confess that I won’t, but then ‘chacun a son gout’ as they say, which just in case you don’t know, means each to his own taste.
dvf belted
Having been eyeing up my favourite DvF red body-con dress last week (and I’ll stop going on about it very soon I promise), and thinking that with the help of a little Spanx, more exercise and less food I might just get away with it, it was suggested that a corset might be the thing and no, this wasn’t a female suggestion, would it be? I have to say I first laughed, second was ever so slightly insulted and then thought noooooooooo. Glamorous they may be but wearable? In this day and age of going from train to tube to meeting to lunch to another meeting to tube and then train again? Absolutely not.

vollers 2 I’m sure they have their place, and judging by the incredible selection at Vollers, probably the UK’s most famous corset company (if not the only, sorry, I haven’t done my research properly) a large number of ladies are wearing them. I agree some of them look wonderful, glamorous and gorgeous and some you might want to wear to the ball, but as an undergarment of choice I’ll stick to my Spanx thanks. I do like to be able to breathe occasionally, let alone sit down!

Let me know what you think.